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-Defeating the AI (part II) -by Paul Bruffell-

The map below shows the initial set up we saw on the last article. This time I am playing the Carthaginians. Facing me the computer controls a typical Roman army (Purple units) strong in Heavy Infantry (Legionaries).

Each army has 3000 points. The Carthaginian cavalry are veteran quality and the spearmen are in units of 200 men. Covering the main body front on both sides are skirmishers.

This time the AI proved more difficult to defeat and I had to use a little guile and respond quickly to opportunities that appeared during the battle.

On my right Carthaginian flank I split the cavalry in to units of 30 and charged forward one wave of units to meet the on-rushing Roman cavalry. I needed a second wave as reinforcements and to steady the flank if the Roman cavalry broke through. My centre block of infantry is a strong force of spearmen so I moved these units forward from turn 1. I needed to get them in to the battle quickly to win the game.

Turn 3-

By turn 3 my right flank cavalry first wave had been swept away by the Romans leaving my second line to hold the flank. My main body of infantry was in contact with the Legionaries and heavy fighting had broken out – significant losses on both sides. My left flank cavalry had chased the Roman skirmishers back to their Triarii and then I withdrew the cavalry to reform. No point in throwing these expensive cavalry units against formed and reliable spearmen.

Turn 5-

By turn 5 my right wing was looking in bad shape so I detached a number of Heavy cavalry units from my left flank to relieve the situation on the right. My infantry had been split in to optimum fighting strength units of 100. As the front line suffered losses and their fatigue rose rapidly I moved in fresh 100 man strong units to bolster the line. Just before the main infantry lines clashed I pulled my skirmishers back through the spearmen to secure the rear and continue to use their missiles when the opportunity arose.

In turn 6 the heavy cavalry had arrived on the my right flank to save the day and my infantry centre had expanded its frontage to increase the pressure on the Roman Legionaries.

Turn 6-

On my left flank you will notice one of the Carthaginian cavalry units charged out of control and went chasing after a group of skirmishers. This was frustrating as the cavalry unit continued to suffer losses to missile fire.

By turn 8 the right flank had been stabilized and the Roman centre can be seen to be falling apart. On my left one unit of Roman Triarii has been isolated and my heavy cavalry are attacking from 2 sides. Cavalry are very effective when they can hit the rear of an infantry unit.

The units highlighted in white are routing.
Turn 8-

By turn 9 the battle was coming to a close; both sides had suffered heavy losses but I was already in a 'Minor Victory' position. I just needed to hold out until the end of the game (turn 10).

On turn 10 the Roman forces on the wings had been destroyed and their remaining infantry are seen retiring from the battlefield.

Turn 10-


More to come...