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SDC Downloads - Permissions
Posted by Admin, on Feb 12, 2011
There are 4 levels of users currently allowed on this site, with varying degrees of access.

Guest: Have access to view all files, and download any files.

General Users: Have the above access level, as well as permission to post comments.

Upload Partners Same as above, plus permission to upload files (note that this software makes an admin approve these before they will appear on the site). Chances are if I know who you are, you have been assigned this permission. If you would like to have these permissions, and do not now have them, then drop me a line at admin at hist-sdc.com .

Admins: No restrictions.

2nd Jan 2011: I neglected to point out that there currently is an 8 mb file limit size. We will be looking to modify that to allow for larger files in the future (hopefully the near run future at that), 8mb was the software's default size.

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