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ZIP naps russian campaign-borodino step by step konstantin m.koryakov[28140].zip
This package contains 15 short historical and hypothetical scenarios joint in the campaign ("Borodino, Step by step, 7 Sept 1812"). Which of the scenarios should be played depends to a ...
No Votes 268 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP !Wagram_Napoleon_Alaric.zip
Introduction To The Scenarios.- this mod needed a second fresh install of campaign wagram patched to 1.05 (maybe it works on 1.06 but not tested), the files included goes to ...
No Votes 290 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP 10 Small Fictional Scenarios for Austerlitz
New from Al Amos. 10 Small Fictional Scenarios for Austerlitz
No Votes 290 Oct 28, 2012
Al Amos
ZIP AdvStrategiesWAT.zip
No Votes 232 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Belgium_Campaign_Alaric.zip
Introduction To The Scenarios.- a) "Fixed" scenario... present all forces on the map on turn 001, this can be high time consuming scenario, france is divided in two main ...
No Votes 245 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Co_Waterloo Update 1.4.07.zip
Updated pdt files for the company level Waterloo scenarios (April 07) Various pdt and other file updates (eg. victory points for supply wagons and supply points) after the release of ...
No Votes 221 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP CP Waterloo Hide and seek.zip
A realitively balanced match between the Anglo-Allied forces with some Prussian support against the French. Ammo levels are equal as are supplies. An ideal battle for Multiplayer games.
No Votes 188 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP CW wpn oobs scens.zip
Warren Bajan's Campaign Waterloo scenarios, oob files and Weapon.dat file. Save your original weapon.dat file to another location before downloading these files to your Campaign Waterloo directory. A Four Day ...
No Votes 263 Dec 29, 2010
Warren Bajan
ZIP Eckmuhl -duel of the emperors Bill Peters [26581].zip
April 1809 - Napoleon and Josef fight a duel. Armed with pistols and mounted with their escorts fighting alongside they march out from their army to decide the campaign and ...
No Votes 231 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl- trapped al amos [26387].zip
Davout is trapped at Ratisbonne on the 19th. He has approximately 60,000 men. Charles has 3rd, 4th and 1st Reserve Corps with him and is expecting 2nd Corps from the ...
No Votes 237 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl-april fools Al Amos [26481].zip
A package containing 7 new scenarios, a modifed pdt file and oob file. A mixture of medium to large scenarios.
No Votes 218 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl-blenheim Rich White [27900].zip
Three varients for the battle of Blenheim that took place on the 13th of August 1704. You can also used this altered Units.bmp file with this download.
No Votes 247 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl-companies at eckmuhl Drew Stone [27175].zip
Uses standard 1.05 install with the company level fromat as the Gerard scenario above. Difference is quality and strength of Austrians and French are closely matched with the Austrians having ...
No Votes 215 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl-king of the hills Bill Peters [26698].zip
April 1809 - The cavalry of both armies meet near Rohr for a King of the Hills type struggle. With fixed units and time capsule releases this scenario rewards the ...
No Votes 202 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Eckmuhl-monster eckmuhl mod Rich Hamilton [27260].zip
Gents, the following modification to Campaign Eckmuhl pulls the biggest of the OOB's from Napoleon's Russian Campaign and moves it over to be used on the big Bavaria map. 2 ...
No Votes 214 Dec 29, 2010
RAR Hanover Vs The Empire.rar
NOTE: the scen is in a beta phase, dont have AI, is only for PBME HTH, you need the HPS company level add-on. Well, my first "son", is a little ...
No Votes 205 Dec 29, 2010
SCN Jena The Battle of Halle -Solo Historical French AI.scn Thomas de Angelis
Battle of Halle - Historical, from the French perspective. An interesting problem, since it is a bridge-crossing battle; although far from perfect, I think that, with my script, the AI ...
No Votes 323 Jul 12, 2013
ZIP Ligny QB scen pack.zip
Ligny Quatre Bras historical...numerous oob and other changes.
No Votes 205 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Naps russian campaign- moe iii scenario rich hamilton [83633].zip
A custom scenario created for the "Master of Europe" tournament in the Napoleonic Wargame Club. Only a sub-map is needed to play, which is included. No other altered files. This ...
No Votes 209 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Naps russian campaign-borodino the second day konstantin m.koryakov [28085].zip
This scenario use an original file OOB, map and PDT used in game "Napoleon's Russian Campaign". Certainly, declaration of this scenario, as 2 day of battle at Borodino, very much ...
No Votes 202 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Naps russian campaign-eskau konstantin m. koryakov [28825].zip
7th July 1812 commander of Detached Riga Corps of Russian Army GL Essen-1st send detachment troop under the command of GL Leviz to take village Eckau (40 km toward south ...
No Votes 212 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Naps russian campaign-riga vladimir repin[28760].zip
Historical and Hypothetical scenarios from my SCN pack "Defence of Riga" for NRC.
No Votes 237 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Wat Wav 3.1.zip
Update with correction to deployment and appearance of II Cav Corps. Two brigades now heavies, and !V Corps dragoons now light, as in other two oobs.
No Votes 240 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Wat.zip
No Votes 242 Dec 29, 2010
ZIP Waterloo OOB Viewer scenario
This is an OB view scenario for the Waterloo campaign. With this you can view the entire OB for the Waterloo campaign.
No Votes 263 Sep 17, 2011
Bill Peters
ZIP waterloo-variant-scenarios.zip
Experimental Waterloo scenarios - modified versions of Charlie Cutshall's 007.Large_historical scenario - with day turns now 30 minutes instead of the standard 15 minutes. Movement rates are adjusted accordingly, so ...
No Votes 240 Dec 29, 2010
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