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I've just end a new campaign scenario, I've reworked the italian oob (the original one have some little errors).
I added the three arty group of 10 arty regiment (in original scenario it was 75mm mot) with the Semovente 90/53 sp guns. Added the "Compagnia Camionette paracadutisti-sabotatori" (a commando style unit), change all unit of m13-40 (not present in the island) and replaced with french R35, I've change also the numbers of guns of mobile arty and coastal arty and some others little things.

Source: "Le operazioni in Sicilia e Calabria (luglio-settembre 1943)".
The official history from Italian Supreme Headquarter (1989), it have a complete italian order of battle (at platoon level).

I've worked on "Volcano man" OOB.
Be sure to bring the new pics in the "Italians" cartel."

let me know if the scenario is interesting

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