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File - ACW Victory Point Calculator
Here is a calculator you can use (at a glance) for helping you determine how many VPs you will see in the Victory Dialog for each game in the ACW series (except for Ozarks - read notes on that sheet for explanation).

This is useful to use during games or for designers that want to use a correct Victory Level points spread.

For designers - directions for use:

1. Using the Scenario Editor place all troops on the map. Do not remove any for reinforcements.

2. Check each armies strength in the Strength Dialog of the Scenario Editor.

3. Account for delay due to reinforcement, length of march to main battle area (can vary ...). For instance if your scenario is a set piece battle obviously more losses could occur than if in a meeting engagement where troops must march for hours before making contact. Also account for scenario length.

4. Determine difference in forces and expected casualties.

5. Use calculator to determine probable points spreads (use previous games fought if needed for help with this - usually 20-40 percent casualties is expected for a veteran matchup).

6. Now go ahead and add your troops to the Reinforcement dialog.

The calculator should help you balance your scenarios a tad better. Player experience will obviously change the outcome but based on 100 games played of the same scenario your design influence will eventually average out. But its not an exact science. Just a tool to help both player and designer alike.

These values were based on the latest update to the game but if you note an error let me know. (editor's note- email the site and I will forward on to Bill, or feel free to notify Bill directly -ST)

Also note that Supply Wagon points were not always used by a Scenario Designer. This has more to do with the feature not being in the engine than by the SD deciding not to use them.
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