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Convent of Bussaco (for Bonaparte's Peninsular War) - submitted by Masséna

Click here to get the Scenario.

Click here to get Masséna's 1810 Revised OOB file.

[Optimised for French vs AI play]

Attack the Convent defended by Wellington's Anglo-Portuguese. You command Marshal Ney's VI Corps with Montbrun's Cavalry Reserve in support. Masséna will supervise your attack later and he'll arrive with reserve guns. Be aware: some Spanish of Ejercito de la Izquierda could emerge, trying to threaten your attack.

Scenario Notes

Revised 1810 OOB (Text version)

Initial French deployment

Click image for full size screenshot.
Note: Screenshots made using SDC's BPW mod, available separately from these downloads. Your graphics will be the set that you are using in your copy of BPW. (ST)