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Alexandrian Wars  banner

  • Alexandrian Wars Title Info
  • Planning Maps
  • Improvements
Alexandrian Wars cover

-"The Great"-

Alexander of Macedon - possibly the greatest military commander of the Ancient World. From the outset of the Persian Wars in 334 BC and the eight years that followed, Alexander was never defeated in battle.

The combined use of shock heavy cavalry, massed pikemen and light skirmishing infantry distinguished Alexander as one of the greatest tactical geniuses of all time. Re-create the battles of Alexander the Great and his father Philip of Macedon, who consolidated his rule in Greece. Replay the famous battles of Chaeronea, Gaugamela and the Hydaspes.


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There are 44 scenarios included (20 historical, 16 hypothetical & eight from the Table Top Series) covering actions such as Chaeronea, Pelium, Gabai & Hydaspes. The Table Top Series (TTS) are scenarios made up of evenly matched armies based on points. Many miniature wargamers will recognize the structure of TTS battles.

Alexandrian Wars uses the HPS Ancient Warfare engine. This provides a hex based, tactical, plot, simultaneous resolution execution. A game turn is composed of three phases:
  • The player assigns commands to his units (movement, changing formation etc).
  • The program then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out.
  • Finally, units move, fire at each other, and engage in melee combat.
The players watch the outcome of their decisions as a turn of action unfolds. The game then moves on to the next turn.

Battle of Gaugamela -2d zoom out

Battle of Gaugamela -Click to Enlarge


Alexandrian Wars provides a wide range of actions, from small skirmishes a player can complete in one evening to monster battles with over 40,000 men in your army.

You can play against the computer, by e-mail against a human opponent, or with two people on the same PC (hot seat). You can play single historical battles or campaigns where your army is carried through from scenario to scenario.

Choice of reinforcements and even the next battle location in a campaign make Alexandrian Wars another great game.

Colorful 3-D units (100 different types) of all the historical troop types in Alexander's army plus many of his adversaries' bring to life classical warfare from the period 400 - 300 B.C.

Specially designed terrain features show the battlefields of the ancient world from Greece to India.

Alexandrian Wars contains all the great elements of the Ancient Warfare series such as fortifications and siege warfare as well as massed ranks of pikes, Indian elephants, and finely tuned combat.

An enhanced computer A.I. plays an aggressive strategy that requires you to use the best formations and tactics history has to offer in order to win each battle. You may also face off against an opponent in a balanced hypothetical match from the "table top series" of battles or join in a multi-player PBEM battle with hundreds of units.

A variety of scenarios from historical classics of the Ancient World to fictional conflicts are provided, plus a scenario editor allowing players to create as many battles as they like.

Alexandrian Wars accurately reflects Macedonian tactics and the need for combined arms to win battles against superior numbers. This is your chance to see if you can best the greatest commander in history!


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  • Programme Developer: Paul Bruffell
  • Project Manager: Paul Bruffell
  • Unit Graphics: Dean Beecham
  • Terrain Graphics: Magnus Pettersson
  • Scenario Design: Richard White, Glyn Hargreaves, Peter Dawson, & Paul Bruffell
  • Playtesters: Richard White, Peter Dawson, Klaus Kuhlmann, Dean Beecham,
    Arnaud Desjumaux, Atle Jenssen & Glyn Hargreaves

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

Processor: 1 GHz

Disk Space: 1000 MB

Memory: 512 MB

Planning Maps     (click for full-sized images)
Admana Island map Antigonus map Bactria Stronghold map
Admana Island: 2.42 mb gif Antigonus: 1.04 mb gif Bactria Stronghold: 3.43 mb gif

Camp 3 map Chaeronea map Crocus Field map
Camp 3: 4.43 mb gif Chaeronea: 4.88 mb gif Crocus Field: 4.31 mb gif

Crossing Jaxartes map Fighting in the Hills map Gabai map
Crossing Jaxartes: 1.26 mb gif Fighting in the Hills: 1.21 mb gif Gabai: 2.30 mb gif

Gaining a Bridgehead map Gaugamela map Granicus map
Gaining a Bridgehead: 1.90 mb gif Gaugamela: 5.08 mb gif Granicus: 3.32 mb gif

Granicus Green map Hydaspes map Issus map
Granicus Green: 2.10 mb gif Hydaspes: 5.59 mb gif Issus: 6.16 mb gif

Lake Okhrida map Last Stand at the Granicus map Lyginus map
Lake Okhrida: 2.38 mb gif Last Stand Granicus: 1.35 mb gif Lyginus: 4.13 mb gif

Megalopolis map Monsoon map Olynthus map
Megalopolis: 4.37 mb gif Monsson: 2.13 mb gif Olynthus: 1.18 mb gif

Pelium map Persian Camp map Tabletop Town map
Pelium: 6.99 mb gif Persian Camp: 532 kb gif Tabletop Town: 2.26 mb gif
Click for larger views (but still smaller than full size).

Alexandrian War Improvements

For those players who have already purchased Gallic Wars (second game in the Ancient Warfare series), the key changes and improvements are listed below:

  • Campaign feature. Players can now challenge the A.I. over a series of historical / semi-fictional battles. Includes free set-up of army units.
  • Multiple Commander Option - Option to split army in to wings with independent responses for morale. If the morale of a wing falls below 33% then all units in the wing rout.
  • Enhanced variety of interface improvements and functionality to assist with game play.
  • Numerous engine adjustments based on player feedback and continued testing.



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