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Gallic Wars cover

-An Emerging Empire-

In one of the most famous episodes in ancient history, Caesar led the disciplined Legions of the Roman Republic across North and Western Europe, fighting the mighty warriors of Celtica, Belgica, Germania and Britannia. These 9 years of terrible bloodshed are known to us as the Gallic Wars, which climaxed at Alesia. The victory there resulted in the expansion of the Roman Republic over the whole of Gaul and paved the way for Caesar to be sole ruler of the Roman Empire.


Click to Enlarge


The time period chosen (100-50 BC) is principally focused on Caesar's war in Gaul but also includes the major slave rebellion led by Spartacus and the Mithridatic Wars. You can be Caesar, a confident general who is prepared to gamble when the stakes are high, or Vercingetorix, the great Gallic commander able to fuse the different Gallic tribes into one nation in their fight against Rome.

Gallic Wars uses the HPS Ancient Warfare engine. This provides a hex based, tactical, plot, simultaneous resolution execution. A game turn is composed of three phases:
  • The player assigns commands to his units (movement, changing formation etc).
  • The program then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out.
  • Finally, units move, fire at each other, and engage in melee combat.
The players watch the outcome of their decisions as a turn of action unfolds.

The game then moves on to the next turn.

Aquae Sexitae

Battle of Aquae Sexitae -Click to Enlarge


In Gallic Wars, you choose your army, your troop types, weapons and armour, then play them against the computer AI or a human opponent. The game combines history with playability to deliver an exciting tactical level conflict on Rome's battlefields.

From Roman palisade camps and fortifications to Gallic strongholds this game has all the features including caltrops, stakes, pits and the famous Garden of Death at the battle of Alesia.

Alesia 2d zoom out
Alesia -2d zoom out mode -Click to Enlarge

Siege warfare is a major element of this game with stone throwing engines, battering rams, wood towers and stone walls.

There are 52 scenarios included (21 historical, 9 hypothetical & 22 from the Table Top Series) covering actions such as Alesia, Sambre, Vosges & Chaeronea.

Alesia 2d zoom in
Alesia -2d zoom in mode -Click to Enlarge

The Table Top Series (TTS) are scenarios made up of evenly matched armies based on points. Many miniature wargamers will recognise the structure of TTS battles.

Game Scale: Each hex represents a distance of 20 meters.
Each turn represents 15 minutes of real time.

In addition to the main game engine there is also a scenario editor included which allows players to create their own scenarios from scratch, edit existing scenarios, and build their own Order of Battles. Detailed instructions are included on how to use the editors but also on how to calculate points for your army and even how to modify the stock graphics if a player so desires; this latter function is called “Paint your own army”.

Alesia in 3d mode

Alesia -3d mode -Click to Enlarge (or 48.7 mb gif full-size)



  • Programme Developer: Paul Bruffell
  • Project Manager: Paul Bruffell
  • Unit Graphics: Lee Harrison & Dean Beecham
  • Terrain Graphics: Magnus Pettersson
  • Scenario Design: Richard White, Glyn Hargreaves, & Paul Bruffell
  • Arnaud Desjumaux, Richard White, Dean Beecham, Atle Jenssen & Glyn Hargreaves

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

Processor: 1 GHz

Disk Space: 1000 MB

Memory: 512 MB

Planning Maps     (click for full-sized images)
144 x 144 Plain map Alesia map Aquae Sextiae map
144x144 Plain: 7.78 mb gif Alesia: 8.49 mb gif Aquae Sextiae: 4.51 mb gif

Arausio map Arrar River map Axona River map
Arausio: 5.31 mb gif Arrar River: 2.50 mb gif Axona River: 6.62 mb gif

Beach Landing map Bibracte map Bigbury map
Beach Landing: 4.30 mb gif Bibracte: 5.94 mb gif Bigbury: 4.28 mb gif

Ilerda mapBreakthrough Pass map Camalatrum map Chaeronea map
Breakthrough Pass: 3.57 mb gif Camalatrum: 4.24 mb gif Chaeronea : 3.41 mb gif

Crassus's Siege map Death of the XIV map Deepwoods map
Crassus's Siege: 2.15 mb gif Death of the XIV: 1.97 mb gif Deepwoods: 2.40 mb gif

First Spanish Campaign map Gergovia map Lutetia map
First Spanish Campaign: 4.44 mb gif Gergovia: 7.69 mb gif Lutetia: 5.60 mb gif

Migration map Northern Gaul map Noviodunum map
Migration: 2.81 mb gif Northern Gaul: 3.91 mb gif Noviodunum: 4.46 mb gif

River Silanus map Roman Winter Camp map Sambre map
River Silanus: 4.99 mb gif Roman Winter Camp: 2.09 mb gif Sambre: 4.91 mb gif

Slave Camp map Sotiates map Vercellae map
Slave Camp: 3.71 mb gif Sotiates: 8.68 mb gif Vercellae: 4.38 mb gif

Vosges map Winter Rhine map Winter Village map
Vosges: 5.27 mb gif Winter Rhine: 3.07 mb gif Winter Village: 1.59 mb gif
Click for larger views (but still smaller than full size).



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