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  • Punic Wars Title Info
  • Planning Maps
Punic Wars cover

-Rome v. Carthage-

The Punic Wars were arguably the most significant armed struggle in all of antiquity. Over the course of more than a century the two most powerful nations in the Mediterranean battled for supremacy. The forces involved, and the casualties suffered by both sides, were far greater than in any wars fought before modern times. The outcome of the wars was even greater. For Carthage it meant total destruction. For Rome it meant rising from a regional power to become the dominant military force that would rule Europe and North Africa for hundreds of years to come.


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-Civilization on the March-

In this first title in the new Ancient Warfare series of games the primary focus is on the land battles from the second Punic War. The time period chosen (300-200 BC) is designed to encompass battles Rome fought not only against Carthage, but against their neighboring Italian states, as well as the subjugation of Celtic and Iberian tribes, and the bloody fights with the Epirotes.

Try your hand as a Consul of Rome, Hannibal, King Pyrrhus, or one of the other captains in numerous historical conflicts. You may also face off against an opponent in a balanced hypothetical match from the "table top series" of battles included.

Game Scale:

  • Each hex represents a distance of 20 meters.
  • Each turn represents 15 minutes of real time.

The Ancient Warfare engine is a hex based, tactical, plot - simultaneous resolution engine.

A game turn is composed of 3 phases - Each player assigns commands to his units; movement, changing formation etc.

The computer then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out. Shooting and combat is automatic.

At this point the players watch the outcome.

The game then moves on to the next turn. Game.

The game may be played against the computer AI or via E-mail against another person.

Battle of Cannae

Battle of Cannae -Click to Enlarge


Punic Wars Features:

There are 41 scenarios included (17 historical, 8 hypothetical & 16 from the Table Top Series) covering actions such as Cannae, Asculum, Heraclea & Trebbia.

The Table Top Series (TTS) are scenarios made up of evenly matched armies based on points based on the concepts of many of the miniature gaming rules in existence for this time period of gaming.

In addition to the main game engine there is also a scenario editor included which allows players to create their own scenarios from scratch, edit existing scenarios, and build their own Order of Battles.

Detailed instructions are included on how to use the editors and also on how to calculate points for your army and even how to modify the stock graphics if a player so desires; this latter function is called “Paint your own army”.

38 maps are also included in the game covering historical locations and random ones, so a large amount of terrain is available for scenario designers to use creating custom battles.


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  • Programme Developer: Paul Bruffell
  • Project Manager: Paul Bruffell
  • Unit Graphics: Lee Harrison & Dean Beecham
  • Terrain Graphics: Magnus Pettersson
  • Scenario Design: Rich White, Al Amos, & Paul Bruffell
  • Mike Cox, Dean Beecham, Atle Jenssen & Glyn Hargreaves

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

Processor: 1 GHz

Disk Space: 1000 MB

Memory: 512 MB

Planning Maps     (click for full-sized images)
120c101 map Ambush 01 map Asculum map
120c101: 6.56 mb gif Ambush 01: 5.26 mb gif Asculum: 6.76 mb gif

Baecula map Bagradas map Bagradas Plain map
Baecula: 2.92 mb gif Bagradas: 2.95 mb gif Bagradas Plain: 3.33 mb gif

Utica Battle map Beneventum map Cannae map
Utica Battle: 2.87 mb gif Beneventum: 4.64 mb gif Cannae: 6.31 mb gif

Carthage Expedition map Cynoscephalae map Heraclea map
Carthage Expedition: 1.95 mb gif Cynoscephalae: 5.20 mb gif Heraclea: 4.68 mb gif

Ilipa map Lake Trasimene map Metaurus River map
Ilipa: 4.32 mb gif Lake Trasimene: 5.50 mb gif Metaurus River: 4.57 mb gif

New Carthage map Nola map o2u map
New Carthage: 6.54 mb gif Nola: 3.36 mb gif o2u: 7.77 mb gif

Prelude 3 map Roman Greek 01 map Salaeca map
Prelude 3: 3.01 mb gif Roman Greek 01: 8.26 mb gif Salaeca: 1.66 mb gif

Sentinum map Telamon map The Great Plains map
Sentinum: 3.14 mb gif Telamon: 6.05 mb gif The Great Plains: 3.50 mb gif

The Valley v1 map Ticinus 1 map Ticinus River map
The Valley v1: 4.37 mb gif Ticinus 1: 1.85 mb gif Ticinus River: 2.42 mb gif

Trebia map Umbria Ambush map Utica Mercenary Camp map
Trebia: 4.16 mb gif Umbria Ambush: 2.15 mb gif Utica Mercenary Camp: 2.10 mb gif

Zama map    
Zama: 6.30 mb gif    
Click for larger views (but still smaller than full size).



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