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  • Chickamauga Title Info
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Campaign Chickamauga cover

-"River of Blood"-

It was at Chickamauga that Confederate General Braxton Bragg launched his counteroffensive to retake the vital rail junction city of Chattanooga from Union General Rosecrans. And it was at Chickamauga that the Confederacy had one of its last chances to win the American Civil War. Among other things, it was here that General George Thomas won the nickname “Rock of Chickamauga” for this valiant stand.


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  • 170 stand alone scenarios and 80 campaign scenarios.
  • 4 different campaigns for a varied campaign experience, each also has a "weather variant" to choose from.
  • Inclusive orders of battle offer unlimited possibilities for user-created scenarios.


  • Perryville
  • Stones River
  • Frankfort
  • Nashville (hypothetical -historical battle is in Campaign Franklin)
  • Chickamauga
  • Greater Mill Springs
  • Chattanooga

Campaigns Included:

  • Campaign for Tennessee
  • Battles for Control of Tennessee and Kentucky
  • Small Battles of Campaign Chickamauga
  • Plus additional campaign variants featuring weather effects

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  • A Scenario Editor that allows the players to build their own scenarios.
  • A Campaign Editor that allows the players to build their own campaigns.
  • Play modes include A/I, Hot Seat, PBEM, LAN & Internet play.
Chattanooga Chickamauga map Frankfort map Greater Mill Springs map
Chattanooga-Chickamauga 2d zoom out: 5.12 mb gif / 2d zoom in: 16.7 mb gif Frankfort 2d zoom out: 1.45 mb gif / 2d zoom in: 3.88 mb gif Greater Mill Springs 2d zoom out: 1.90 mb gif / 2d zoom in: 6.29 mb gif

Perryville map Murfreesboro map Nashville map
Perryville 2d zoom out: 817 kb gif / 2d zoom in: 2.69 mb gif Murfreesboro 2d zoom out: 1.88 mb gif / 2d zoom in: 6.72 mb gif Nashville 2d zoom out: 1.04 mb gif / 2d zoom in: 2.82 mb gif

Spring Hill to Franklin map    
Spring Hill to Franklin 2d zoom out: 2.85 mb gif    


  • Added new Mounted Cavalry Skirmisher Optional Rule.
  • Added new Artillery Prolong Optional Rule.
  • Added new Disrupted Movement Optional Rule.
  • Added new Alternate Terrain Graphics scenario option.
  • Change so that artillery cannot be spiked the same turn it is captured.
Perryville Campaign Map
Murfreesboro Campaign Map
Chickamauga Campaign Map
Chattanooga Campaign Map
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  • Developer: John Tiller
  • Artist: Joeseph Amoral
  • Graphics Coordinator: Mark Adams
  • Background Music: Thomas Hook
  • Vocals: Jennifer Davis
  • Scenario Design: Rich Walker
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini
  • Playtesters: John Ferry, Rich Hamilton, Aleksander Krolikowski, Tony Malone, Ken Miller, Phil Roubaud, Ernie Sands, Brett Schulte, & Richard White

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 1 GB

Get Campaign Chickamauga from John Tiller Software today.



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