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Campaign Jena cover

In 1806, Napoleon took to the field against the Kingdom of Prussia, a saber-rattling queen, and several proud generals still clinging to a past of glory under Frederick the Great. In less than two weeks of campaigning the French were masters of Prussia and eastern Germany. Can you repeat the historical performance of Napoleon and his army, or as the Prussians will you inflict a stinging defeat upon the French?


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Extensive research went into developing the background for Campaign: Jena-Auerstädt. It features more than 35 maps covering Saxony and Prussia to include a map of the area where the armies fought in early October, 1806. Jena-Auerstädt includes forty scenarios that cover the historical as well as alternate versions of the battles, and three campaigns including over 300 scenarios giving the players a wide variety of options as well as battlefields. Historical actions are included, such as Auerstaedt where Maréchal Davout covered himself in glory and, of course, the main action at Jena where Napoleon himself brought down the once mighty Prussian army.

Artillery Combat Result
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Campaign Jena-Auerstädt features:

  • A larger jump map view.
  • No Melee Eliminations to help reduce Blitz ZOC fighting.
  • New PDT entry to adjust the Cavalry Charge Factor.
  • Minimum bridge strength requirement for crossing bridges based on unit type.
  • Ability to define a unit as "Has Boats" which allows the unit to enter water hexes.
  • The Notes Help file includes a Weapons Chart to aid the players in understanding the fire values.
  • The usual Scenario and Campaign editors included with the NB series.
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Jena-Auerstädt includes three campaigns:

  • Action on 14 October 1806, covers the critical of the Prussian army as it attempted to march to Naumburg while Napoleon attempted to intercept them. The historical results were the battles of Jena-Auerstaedt. Can the Prussians alter the outcome of the campaign and change history, or will Napoleon crush them before they march to safety?

  • The Russians are Coming, features Bennigsen's army arriving to reinforce the Prussians during the early portion of the campaign. This campaign file will result in one scenario allowing the players to fight on a large map of over 6,000 square kilometers. The players will have the opportunity to decide if the Russians could have changed the course of history had they been in the campaign area of Jena during the early part of October.

  • Scharnhorst's Campaign Plan, is the largest campaign included with the game. The Prussians historically chose to fight rather than fall back to link up with the advancing Russians. This campaign allows the Prussian player to follow the campaign plan of Prussia's General von Scharnhorst who felt that the army was unprepared to meet Napoleon in the field on equal terms. Spanning a range of eight battles over 34 maps, the players will campaign over an area from Halle in the west to the Oder River in the east, and from south of Berlin to just north of Dresden.
Jena-Auerstädt battle map
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Play modes include A/I, Hot Seat, PBEM, LAN & Internet play.


  • Developer: John Tiller
  • Artist: Joseph Amoral
  • Uniform Research: Mark Adams
  • Background Music: Thomas Hook
  • Scenario Design: Bill Peters
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini
  • Playtesters: Atle Jenssen, Francisco Palomo, Gary McClellan, John Corbin, Jeff Bardon, Ken Jones, Bill Peterson, Tomasz Nowacki & Dean Beecham

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

Get Campaign Jena-Auerstaedt today.
Planning Maps (Note these are 2d Zoom Out mode)   
Campaign map (large) Baruth map Dessau-Wittenberg map

Jena Campaign (Large): 58.6 mb pdf

Smaller Version: 21.8 mb gif

Baruth: 1.12 mb gif Dessau-Wittenberg: 4.19 mb gif

Kamenz-Pulsnitz map Luckau-Lubben map Torgau map
Kamenz-Pulsnitz: 4.05 mb gif Luckau-Lubben: 4.61 mb gif Torgau: 1.04 mb gif

Bautzen map Belzig map Graz map
Bautzen: 1.06 mb gif Belzig: 1.26 mb gif Cottbus: 1 mb gif

Eilenburg-Wurtzen map Elsterwerda map Falkenberg map
Eilenburg-Wurtzen: 3.83 mb gif Elsterwerda: 953 kb gif Falkenberg: 975 kb gif

Finsterwalde map Forst Frankfurt am Oder map
Finsterwalde: 1.02 mb gif Forst: 1.08 mb gif Frankfurt am Oder: 1.25 mb gif

Gorlitz map Greussen map Grossenhain map
Gorlitz: 1.18 mb gif Greussen: 1.03 mb gif Grossenhain: 837 kb gif

Halle map Herzberg map Hoyerswerda map
Halle: 4.33 mb gif Herzberg: 1.03 mb gif Hoyerswerda: 1 mb gif

Jena-Auerstädt map Karlsburg map Lutzen map
Jena-Auerstädt: 2.29 mb gif Karlsburg: 4.78 mb gif Lutzen: 888 kb gif

Riesa map Spremberg-Muskau map Wolfen map
Riesa: 932 kb gif Spremberg-Muskau: 6.40 mb gif Wolfen: 1.14 mb gif

Zehdenick map    
Zehdenick: 547 kb gif    

Click for larger views (but still smaller than full size).

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