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  • Napoleon's Russian Campaign Title Info
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Napoleon's Russian Campaign cover

Napoleon's Russian Campaign covers Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. The invasion was the culmination of the deterioration of the French-Russian friendship which had been formed at Tilsit in 1807. Assembling a huge army of over 600,000 men Napoleon embarked on perhaps the largest military campaign the world had known up to that time. While there were actions along much of the Russian frontier, the most significant action was in the center where Napoleon led the main army. Napoleon had intended to bring the Russians to battle in a matter of weeks. Months later Napoleon was fortunate to escape with a small remnant of his once Grande Amree.

The French at the Berezina

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Historical Scenarios:

  • The Battle of Borodino-including several variants
  • The Battle of Smolensk-variants include 1 and 2 day scenarios
  • The Battles of The First and Second Polotsk
  • The Battle of Ostrovno
  • The Battle of Salta-Novka
  • The Battles of First and Second Krasnoi
  • The Battle of Lubina
  • The Battle of Gorodetchna-where Austrians fought Russians
  • The Battle of Maloyaroslavets
  • The Battle of Vyazma
  • The Battle of Berezina
  • The Battle of the Borisov Bridge
  • The Battle of Tarutino
  • The Battle of Shevardino
Attack on Borodino
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Hypothetical Scenarios:

  • The Battle of Drissa-including several variants
  • The Battle of Vitebsk
  • The Battle of Mosocow
  • The Battle of Gzhatsk
23 June 1812
24 July 1812
14 August 1812
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Tournament Play:

A special scenario entitled Twin Peaks is provided. This scenario presents a huge balanced fantasy scenario ideal for tournament play. The forces for each side are roughly balanced with each army having over 300,000 men. The fictional map created for this scenario is designed to balance terrain features so that both armies have similar terrain to move, attack and defend in. There is ample room to move on the map which represents and over 200 square miles in size. With the balance in forces and terrain, players can truly test their skills against other opponents. The outcome of this scenario will rest solely in the hands of the player.


The campaign is the central aspect of the game. Although there are well over 100 scenarios that come with the game can be played individually most of the scenarios are integrated into the campaign. Each player is provided with up to four operational choices at each stage (called a "situation" in gaming terms) of the campaign game. The operational choices of each side result in a tactical battle that is fought on maps of varying size at a scale of 1 hex= 100 yards. A player may may fight up to 8 battles to complete a campaign. Depending on the choices both sides make it is possible that the campaign could end with the first battle if a decisive outcome is achieved. More likely the campaign will take several battles to conclude. Various critical junctures are reached in the campaign where a decisive victory may complete the game. These battles vary from small rearguard actions to large pitched battles depending on the choices made by the player. Extensive areas of Russia are mapped including a number of sites where battles did not occur. This allows the player to deviate from the historical path if they wish.

The campaign tree branches in different directions depending on the choices of the gamer, providing for a non-linear sequence of events. Both sides are given offensive and defensive options in many situations providing a great deal of replay value for the game. Below is a glimpse at part of the campaign tree as seen with the campaign editor that comes with the game.

7 September 1812
14 October 1812
21 November 1812
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Play modes include A/I, Hot Seat, PBEM, LAN & Internet play.


  • Developer: John Tiller
  • Artist: Joseph Amoral
  • Uniform Research: Mark Adams
  • Background Music: Thomas Hook
  • Scenario Design: Charlie Cutshall
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini
  • Playtesters: Steve Cutshall, J. D. Causse, & Duncan McKinnon

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

Get Napoleon's Russian Campaign today.
Planning Maps (Note these are 2d Zoom Out mode)   
Berezina map Borodino map Drissa H map

Berezina: 2.64 mb gif


Borodino: 3.06 mb gif Drissa H: 960 kb gif

Gorodechna map Gzhatsk map Krasnoi map
Gorodechna: 926 kb gif Gzhatsk: 2.97 mb gif Krasnoi: 1.94 mb gif

Lubina map Maloyaroslavets map Moscow map
Lubina: 1.14 mb gif Maloyaroslavets: 1 mb gif Moscow: 2.07 mb gif

Polotsk map Saltanovka map Smolensk map
Polotsk: 821 kb gif Saltanovka: 1.16 mb gif Smolensk: 1.40 mb gif

Tarutino map Vitebsk map Vyazma map
Tarutino: 3.15 mb gif Vitebsk: 1.88 mb gif Yyazma: 1.34 mb gif

Twin Peaks map    
Twin Peaks: 4.44 mb gif    

Click for larger views (but still smaller than full size).

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