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  • Stalingrad '42 Title Info
  • Game Documents
Stalingrad '42 cover

A Grievous Miscalculation...

Toward the end of 1942, the German High Command saw that the tide on the East Front had reached its peak.

After the setback in front of Moscow in 1941, the mighty German Army surged forward again in the summer of ’42.

Subsequent to the defeat of an ill-fated Soviet summer offensive at Kharkov in May 1942, the German 6th Army drove onward to the outskirts of Stalingrad by the late summer of that year. This is where Stalingrad '42 picks up the fight; including a number of scenarios covering the drive to the Volga.

Several months of bloody house to house fighting lasted in to the fall; the Soviet positions were reduced to pockets of rubble, barely 300 meters from the Volga River. As the season turned to winter, Hitler remained fixated on taking the city, ultimately leading to disaster for his troops. He had badly underestimated the Soviet army’s ability to mount an offensive on his flanks.


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The Russians cut through weak, poorly equipped, Rumanian troops and encircled the entire German Sixth Army.

In Stalingrad '42 you can re-fight this titanic struggle, exploring both the historical situation in addition to a number of plausible "What If" situations; a German retreat, a corseted flank defense, or a powerful panzer rescue force made available had Rommel been successful at
El Alamein.


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Stalingrad ’42 includes 42 scenarios covering three periods of the overall battle. There are ten individual scenarios covering the early fighting in July and August.

However, the Game focus is the Uranus Campaign and here there are 23 scenarios which include a full historical Campaign covering the period of encirclement with the relief effort, as well as a short campaign covering just the encirclement.

We’ve also come up with a number of historically plausible “What If” situations such as exploring an option that would see the Germans being permitted to retreat from the Volga when the danger was apparent, or if they had adopted a more logical (in hindsight) corset defense on their flanks with Germans divisions being interspersed with the Romanians.

Finally, there are nine December scenarios dealing with the encircled 6th Army and action along the Chir River.

Campaign Map


  • 42 Scenarios – more than before with optimization for PBEM as well as a separate version for play against the AI.
  • The Master Map with this title covers almost 74,000 hexes.
  • Three separate Order-of-Battles with over 4000 units in the Uranus portion of the game.
  • Supports play vs AI, PBEM, Hotseat mode, and network play.
  • Comes with Order of Battle Editor, Scenario Editor, and Paramters Editor.
Stalingrad '42 Campaign Planning Map
Stalingrad '42 Campaign Planning Map: 7.50 mb gif


  • Developer: John Tiller
  • Project Coordinator: Glenn Saunders
  • Scenario Design & Game Concept: Glenn Saunders & Dave Blackburn
  • Additional Research: Rick Bancroft & Mark Mazer
  • Order of Battle: Mike Avanzini
  • Artist: Joseph Amoral
  • Unit Graphics: Mark Adams
  • Music: Thomas Hook
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini
  • Additional AI Programming: John Rushing
  • Playtesters: Panzergruppe Saunders

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 1 GB

Game Documents & Misc
Getting Started
Designer's Notes



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