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About: SDC Storefront & Donations    *Click to open/close*

Why have a store?

To clear up what may be a misconception, neither HPS Simulations, or John Tiller Software pay for SDC's hosting; they do provide material to be worked off of, but I bear all of the costs of hosting, and eventually domain registration. While I create and use official material from both HPS, and JTS, and have a relationship with them, the SDC site is a fan site, or maybe more accurately, a fan site where the focus is on providing and creating value-added material such as Planning Maps to users.

All commission money earned through this will be used to pay for SDC's hosting.

SDC's affiliate:

Technically, the SDC store is really more of a grouping of affilitiate accounts, where if you buy, say, a book using a link back to, then the site earns a commission on the purchase price. The price you pay is still the same, but Amazon diverts a cut of their profit to SDC, as being the referring site.

What's even better, is that it doesn't matter if you buy the product directly from or one of's resellers. So say, there is a book that you want, and it is unavailable, out of print, or you just are ok with a used book, all of those sales count for SDC's commission from

The content of the affiliate store site is only limited to the products sold through the site- which means, in effect, it is virtually unlimited.

*** An important consideration, is that the store site only lists a price when the item is in stock at If there is no price listed, it only means that itself is out of stock for a particular item. In most cases, the item will still be available at one of's resellers -so go ahead and have a look, you just might find a bargain... and at the same time help support Scenario Design Center.

The Book Depository:

Like the Amazon listings, all orders through The Book Depository are handled by that site; SDC receives a commission on any sales made there when you visit based on one of the links here. I set up the affiliate account with the UK based site; however global buyers take note, many countries (including both Australia and USA) qualify for free shipping. The Book Depository has a wide ranging history section, and a very nice selection of boooks on ancient military history.

Cafe Press' Scenario Design Center Store:

This site features the artwork of your humble webmaster, Steve Trauth -me.

Like the Amazon and Book Depository affiliate areas, anything purchased through the Scenario Design Center Cafe Press store earns a commision for the site, and that commission will all go towards paying the hosting expenses of the site.

Since artwork files suitable for Cafe Press' products need to be larger (in many cases, much larger), than the material I created for the website, it will mean that the product range I have on offer will gradually grow over time.


All monies donated will be used for the hosting expenses of Scenario Design Center.

Currently (as of Sept 2011), this comes to about US $100 per year, and that with the traffic generated by SDC in any given month, if everyone that visits donates 10 cents on their first visit in a month -then the entire site's hosting would be covered for the year.

Some important points, all of this is entirely voluntary, and the Donate button works through PayPal - frankly, I don't want your credit card details ... ever. You keep them.

And it is also the reason for the SDC Store and Cafe Press Store - so people can also have something tangible for showing their support for the site.

I appreciate your continued use and support of the site :) ~ST



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